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Customer Experience

Designed based on corporate and individual needs, BSB Brain•Spirit•Body collaborates with retail and industry, whether you have 4 or 40000 employees. 

The goal of our Transfotality® journeys is to strengthen professional skills and change behaviour towards an increasingly demanding clientele.

Management & Leadership

Our Transfotality® journeys are developed according to your specific needs, and tailored to all manager profiles, experienced, novice, graduate or self-made-men/women.

Our core business at BSB Brain•Spirit•Body is to develop management & leadership skills and behaviours to support the company’s success in all circumstances.

Create a high-performance environment by transforming mindsets!

Present With Impact

From the daily team meeting to an exceptional presentation in a conference, speaking to an audience requires the acquisition of very specific verbal and nonverbal techniques and behaviours. 

BSB Brain•Spirit•Body offers tailor-made Transfotalité® journeys, aimed to fostering ease in front of an audience and developing eloquence to make every speech relevant and memorable.

4,8 /5  (1216 participants)
4.9 /5  (325 participants)
4,9 /5  (508 participants)

Change Management & Commitment To Change

Change management is a process that helps ease any organizational transitions. It aids on the people side of change and helps people to understand, commit to, accept, and embrace changes in their current business environment.

Managers? Employees?

This Transfotality® journey is based on methods, techniques as well as the development of physical and cognitive skills to combat stress and release positive energy.

To advance successfully is to know how to transform change into opportunity.

Genuine Professional Coaching

BSB Brain•Spirit•Body offers real professional coaching :


Individual Coaching enables to :

  • Be aware of its talents in order to position itself in the dynamic of success.

  • Develop its potential to take on new responsibilities.

  • Strengthen its communication to facilitate interactions.


Team Coaching enables to :

  • Develop skills and talents to lead your company to success.

  • Align on vision and values.

  • Federate around a common project.

Executive Team


An Executive Team Coaching process is particularly appropriate for developing performing strategic transversal project teams to help team members collectively achieve high performance and breakthrough results.

By coaching simultaneously the Executive Team and each individual, BSB Brain•Spirit•Body will enable a significant improvement in the effectiveness of their meetings, their projects and their decision-making. 

Building a strategic vision means setting ambitious goals and actions to achieve them.



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4.8 /5  (84 participants)
4.9 /5  (222 participants)
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4.8 /5  (133 participants)

Turn your talents into strengths !

Strengths = Talent x [Knowledge + Skills]

  • People who learn to use their strengths every day have 7.8% greater productivity.

  • Teams who receive strengths feedback have 8.9% greater profitability.

  • People who focus on using their strengths are three times as likely to report having an excellent quality of life and six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs.

Talent coaching is based on a specific technique and only certified GALLUP Strengths coaches provide this support.

Our certified Strengths coaches reveal your individual and collective talents using the Gallup Strengthsfinder.

“There is no more effective way to empower people than to see each person in terms of his or her strengths.”

(Don Clifton)

GALLUP Strength Coaching

4.9 /5  (32 participants)

BSB Brain•Spirit•Body invites you to recharge your batteries with Power Napping.

(BSB is certified “European Standards” and “TÜV” to teach this techique)

More than 80% of French people say their productivity takes a "nosedive" during the day.

  • Do you have the will to put quality of life at work at the heart of your company’s concerns?

  • Do you want to support employees who have experienced frequent spikes in activity?

  • Did you identify that turn-over, absenteeism or demotivation could be expensive for your company?

A Power Nap is a short sleep in which we go from stage 1 sleep (that lovely ‘drifting off’ feeling) to stage 2 (slowdown of brain activity) , without entering the deep sleep phase.

Power Napping helps minimize stress, mood swings or decreased concentration by sustainably recharging batteries well beyond the workday.

The must know:

Once acquired, the Power Napping technique helps you fall asleep in the evening, or even go back to sleep at night, thus helping you to forget your night worries.


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4.8 /5  (75 participants)

BSB, your certified specialist in France

The wingwave method is a form of performance and emotional coaching that quickly and tangibly reduces performance stress and increases creativity, mental fitness and the ability to cope with conflict.

Wingwave® incorporates EMDR (REM waving) with muscle testing to navigate into subconscious stress triggers.

Wingwave® coaching allows:

  • Precise lifting of emotional and mental barriers.

  • Become aware of own resources.

  • (Re) find its balance and thus achieve desired objectives.


Wingwave® coaching is a proprietary process. It combines:

  • Alternating, bilateral brain stimulation, such as alert REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phases, aural or tactile left-right stimuli

  • Neurolinguistic coaching language is used as a brain-friendly coaching compass on the path to your goal

  • Myostatic test, The muscle test for targeted planning of optimum coaching processes



Achieve success through Wingwave® Coaching!

To overcome your personal or professional barriers...