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We help you boost your projects and manage your stress !

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as part of a coaching

Like a true «inner cleansing», hypnosis has the particularity of strengthening a coaching process. It allows access to unexplored personal resources by accessing the unconscious.

The support of hypnosis in coaching is particularly effective for challenges such as: 

  • Drop of motivation.

  • Decline in cognitive abilities. 

  • Lack of self-confidence.

  • Stress.

  • ...

Our experienced and qualified BSB Brain•

Spirit•Body coaches offer the opportunity to complete coaching with hypnosis. 

" Don't worry, be happy!"   Olivier Lockert


Do you want to strengthen your positive energy or to cross a delicate life course?

BSB Brain•Spirit•Body Coaches will guide you with method, care, and empathy in reflections such as:

  • Succeed a change,

  • Make an important decision,

  • Carry out a project,

  • Making choices and defining priorities,

  • Find one’s way (studies, job),

  • Prepare for an interview,

  • Speak in public,

  • Manage a conflict,

  • Overcome a painful experience,

  • Make progress in your relationship with others,

  • Manage your stress, your time, your relations with others,

  • Banish self-inflicted sabotage,

Gallup Strengths Coaching

Do you know what you can do better than 1000 other people?

Turn your forces into talents!

Like most people, you probably know less about your talents than you know about your weaknesses. 

Explore the unique combination of your strengths across 34 themes, and ask yourself:

  • "What do I do with it today? »

  • "How can I take advantage of it on a daily basis starting tomorrow? » 

Talent coaching is based on the specific GALLUP method. Only a certified GALLUP Strengths coach is approved to provide this support.

BSB Brain•Spirit•Body coaches unlock your talents and your development. 

BSB, your certified specialist in France



Achieve success through Wingwave coaching!

The wingwave method is a form of performance and emotional coaching that quickly and tangibly reduces performance stress and increases creativity, mental fitness and the ability to cope with conflict.

Wingwave® incorporates EMDR (REM waving) with muscle testing to navigate into subconscious stress triggers.

Wingwave® coaching allows:

  • Precise lifting of emotional and mental barriers.

  • Become aware of own resources.

  • (Re) find its balance and thus achieve desired objectives.


Wingwave® coaching is a proprietary process. It combines:

  • Alternating, bilateral brain stimulation, such as alert REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phases, aural or tactile left-right stimuli

  • Neurolinguistic coaching language is used as a brain-friendly coaching compass on the path to your goal

  • Myostatic test, The muscle test for targeted planning of optimum coaching processes

To overcome your personal or professional barriers...

BSB Brain•Spirit•Body invites you to recharge your batteries with Power Napping.

(BSB is certified European Standards and TÜV)

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For the majority, napping goes together with early childhood or laziness and it makes disorder in the majority of circumstances when it is practiced during the day.

However, more than 80% of the French say they "nosedive" during a day!

The solution? Power Napping

A Power Nap, launched by Dr James Maas, is a short sleep in which we go from stage 1 sleep (that lovely ‘drifting off’ feeling) to stage 2 (slowdown of brain activity) without entering the deep sleep phase. 

It helps minimize stress, mood swings or decreased concentration by sustainably recharging batteries well beyond the workday.

The must know:

Once acquired, the Power Napping technique helps you fall asleep in the evening, or even go back to sleep at night, thus helping you to forget your night worries.


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