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ENERGY (approx. 20 minutes)

ENERGY (approx. 20 minutes)

Lack of time will no longer be an obstacle to getting you back in top shape, freeing your head or soothing yourself before an important meeting. brainLight® offers you deep relaxation in just a few minutes!


BrainLight “Energy Menu” session (approx. 20 minutes):

  • Get away from your everyday life with a complete wellness session to gain energy and vitality.

… Sit comfortably in the brainLight® seat, put on the headphones and the glasses. First enjoy a relaxation, to relax and release your muscular tensions in the neck, shoulders, back and legs. Relaxing music will accompany you. Thanks to audio-visual stimulation you can then get away from your everyday life and go on a relaxing trip….


Also available as a "wellness voucher" to offer!

Your “well-being voucher” (valid for 6 months from the date of purchase) will be delivered by email, after receipt of your payment. Please schedule your appointment by phone.


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