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We help you boost your projects and manage your stress !


You need support in going further, faster and more comfortably?
Coaching is tailored to you !

BSB will support you on any personal or professional matter. The aim ? To fully achieve your potential:

  • Succeed a change,
  • Make an important decision,
  • Carry out a project,
  • Making choices and defining priorities,
  • Find one’s way (studies, job),
  • Prepare for an interview,
  • Speak in public,
  • Manage a conflict,
  • Overcome a painful experience,
  • Make progress in your relationship with others,
  • Manage your stress, your time, your relations with others,


Hypnosis helps you create a state of mind that allows you access to internal strengths and resources. It enables you to break old patterns and create new, healthy habits, to develop new attitudes and enhance the quality of your life.

With using hypnosis, you can:

  • Manage your stress,
  • Increase your strength (at least in the short-term),
  • Learn to be confident and improve performance,
  • Overcome fear of failure/rejection/success,
  • Accelerate the body’s rate of healing,
  • “Clean your soul”,
  • Stop smoking,
  • Support you in weight loss,


Nobody is immune to stress.
But you can face up to it and overcome it.

BSB offers you efficient solutions:

  • individual sessions,
  • group sessions to learn how to power nap.

You will feel relaxed, revitalized and motivated with positive focus after each session.

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